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Understanding property division and family law in California

Family law in California is unique to the state, meaning that precedents or rules that apply elsewhere are not necessarily relevant during divorce. Some rules or procedures might be similar to those in other states, but one area in particular stands out. Unlike most states, California follows the community property concept for property division.

How to protect current and future assets from property division

There are many steps that go into planning a wedding, but thinking about divorce usually is not one of them. This could actually be a mistake. California couples may want to look ahead at more than just future jobs or children and, in particular, consider what property division should look like during divorce. This outlook might strike some as distinctly unromantic or pessimistic, but it can actually prove beneficial in the long run.

Protecting wealth during property division is essential

Staying in an unhappy marriage is a burden that no one in California should have to bear. However, couples over the age of 50 may not feel as if they have any other choice. Even for a person who is relatively well-off may worry about what finances will look like after a divorce. Much of this worry centers around how money and other valuable assets will be split during property division.

How can I protect my business during property division?

There are few things as satisfying as starting a business and then nurturing it into a successful, thriving entity. Realizing that a business could be in jeopardy during a divorce is not a thought that most California business owners would like to entertain, but like with business, it is necessary to be forward-thinking when it comes to marriage. The reality is that some marriages end in divorce. As such, it makes sense to protect personal and business interests during property division, which is often best accomplished by creating a prenuptial agreement.

Handling property division according to California state law

Married couples spend years and even decades accumulating joint assets. From family homes to shared vehicles to living room furniture, the number of assets that are considered community property can be quite high. This can be overwhelming when going through the divorce process. However, having a better understanding of California state law in regard to property division ease some people's concerns.

Protecting your inheritance during property division

Inheritances are often deeply personal, and most have significant amounts of both financial and emotional wealth. For these reasons, protecting an inheritance during marriage and divorce is essential. It is not uncommon for a California resident to file for divorce and then discover that his or her inheritance is considered community property, and as such subject to property division.

Protecting and dividing retirement savings in property division

Saving for retirement is a lifelong endeavor. Most people in California start out saving early in their careers with the goal of achieving a financially secure retirement. Unfortunately, no matter how well-considered a plan for retirement might be, it can be knocked off track by major life events, such as divorce. To avoid losing important milestones in the process of saving for retirement, it is essential to understand the various available options during property division.

Can I keep my individual bank account during property division?

The shape of marriage is changing, and decades-old norms are now becoming less and less common. Some of these changes are driven by generational differences, many of which are credited to millennials. These young adults are increasingly choosing to maintain separate bank accounts even after saying "I do," and while that might work well for them during marriage, it does raise some questions during property division.

Address property division and more with a postnuptial agreement

Creating a prenuptial agreement is a good idea for many California couples. However, maybe you did not think you needed one or did not understand the full range of benefits associated with a prenup. Even if you initially decided against a prenup, it is not too late. You can still address family law matters like property division and more through a postnuptial agreement.

How retirement accounts factor into property division

Retirement assets generally comprise a sizable portion of California couples' assets. When it comes time to divorce, how to treat these assets during property division is a serious question. Most people want to avoid taking any penalties or encountering tax consequences for making withdrawals, but are unsure of how to do so. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is usually the solution.

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