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Experienced Litigators

Our firm has a diverse litigation practice in addition to its full-service family law department. For many years, attorneys at Viola Law Firm have successfully handled personal injury cases arising from serious injury or wrongful death. In addition, we have built a solid reputation in real estate litigation, representing clients against brokers or contractors, as well as resolving landlord-tenant disputes. Our clients also include individuals involved in business litigation such as partner or shareholder disputes.

In all areas of law, we prepare each case for litigation, believing firmly that this thorough preparation leads to the best possible results for our clients whether the case goes to trial or can be resolved through negotiation.

In the courtroom, we aggressively pursue our clients’ interests to the fullest extent of the law. By thoroughly investigating and preparing each case in detail, we diligently position our clients for successful trial outcomes. We have a track record of achieving exceptional settlements.

Personal Injury Litigation

Most people hurt in accidents wonder how they’ll pay substantial medical bills, how they’ll continue to earn a living while facing long-term or permanent physical injuries, and how they’ll be compensated for their losses. Families losing a loved one face even more devastating challenges, from determining who is responsible to adjusting to living life without the loved one. We have a deep commitment to gently and professionally guide our clients through the claims and litigation process to achieve a favorable resolution.

Deciding To Litigate Business Disputes

Business disputes can arise between competing businesses, between former business partners, or between companies and their current or former employees. The cost of reaching a desired outcome is a deciding factor in resolving every business dispute. Your attorney’s knowledge of the law, understanding of your business specifically, and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case are also essential to helping you make a decision to litigate.

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