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Gray Divorce: The Trend of Older Divorcees

You may have heard about a new trend sweeping the nation: “gray divorce.” After Bill and Melinda Gates separated, there was a wave of buzz about this new kind of split. But what is a gray divorce? It’s simple. A gray divorce is any split between couples middle-aged or...

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Divorce

How to Help Children Adjust to the Idea of Divorce If you have kids, getting a divorce becomes that much harder. You need to decide how you’ll tell them about your split, what’s going to happen, and make sure they feel loved and supported even when things are...

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Your 2021 Guide To Divorce In California

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy process. Even when two people agree on every part of their split, it’s emotionally draining. When you and your partner disagree on parts of the process, it’s even worse. You need to negotiate or fight for every single element....

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