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How to help your children deal with divorce

Divorce is a stressful event for both you and your children. As a caring parent, you want to do everything in your power to lessen the impact it will have on your kids. They often have trouble expressing themselves which can make it difficult for a parent to help identify exactly how they’re feeling or what is bothering them.

Watch out for retirement during a high asset divorce

Adults spend decades saving money for retirement. It is not uncommon for young adults in California to start their retirement savings very early on in their careers, which can help secure a more financially stable future. Unfortunately, a large retirement account is quite often vulnerable during a high asset divorce.

The role of alimony after divorce

Although an individual might not feel comfortable with providing ongoing financial support to an ex, spousal support is an integral part of California family law. Paying alimony should not be viewed as a punishment, just as receiving support is not considered winning in divorce. Unfortunately, many people do view it as such. Understanding what topics factor into alimony can help address some of these misconceptions.

Addressing child custody in California

For parents, there is usually one thing that takes precedence above all other matters during divorce -- their children. California state law addresses how parents should handle child custody, including what should be included in a parenting plan. California is also compliant with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which fosters and promotes legal cooperation in regard to interstate child custody matters.

How does my move affect child custody?

Parents have a lot on their minds when going through divorce, but throughout the process they usually keep their main focus on their children. As a parent yourself, this means that getting the right child custody order is one of your top priorities. However, certain factors -- such as one parent moving out of state -- can affect the outcome of the agreement.

Millennials are not taking chances with divorce

Millennials in California are more financially savvy than most people give them credit for. This generation has been careful to plan for the future, and that includes marriage and divorce. These young adults are leading the way in a prenuptial agreement revolution, leaving them far more protected than past generations.

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