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Social media prenups are gaining in popularity

Prenuptial agreements are a difficult subject to approach for most couples. Many people consider them bad luck. It can feel like bad taste to discuss the end of a relationship.

However, more Californians are now considering the possibility that true love has an expiration date.

Prenups help determine how ending a relationship affects both people's lives afterward. The stigma around them is slowly fading.

One aspect of a prenup that is gaining popularity is what's commonly called a "social media prenup." This restricts what a spouse can share on social media that also involves you.

The goal is to limit the unflattering pictures or secrets shared over Twitter or Facebook once a relationship is over.

As our online presence grows, so does the potential for ex-spouses to share pictures, videos or information against our will.

Social media prenups may prevent exes from:

  • Posting or sharing naked pictures or videos without your consent
  • Sharing intimate or personal details online
  • Uploading unflattering pictures without your permission

These social media agreements often have monetary value attached to them. If someone violates the agreement, they can be required to pay a fee.

According to ABC News, some agreements penalize $50,000 per violation. Each tweet, Instagram picture or Facebook post can be considered a violation.

Violating the terms of these prenups can get expensive very quickly.

While the idea of a social media agreement may seem odd, it makes sense. It's a good idea to control who shares your information and what they can share. These social media clauses may prevent a lot of pain and frustration.

Prenuptial agreements don't have the same stigma as they used to. Unfortunately, they are still underutilized.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, with or without a social media clause, a skilled family law attorney can help you create one.

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