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Dads push for more involvement after child custody hearings

The struggle that most dads face today is the limited amount of time they get to spend with their kids. Studies show that even with no criminal convictions and no extenuating circumstances, dads receive only 35 percent of child custody time post-divorce. In California and other states, fathers say that parenting is extremely important to them, and they are eager to take a more active role.

Dads struggle with the work-life balance from the moment their baby is born. Statistics show that because of divorce, dads have limited time with their children, and one in four live apart from them. The numbers are particularly stark for black fathers, with 47 percent living apart from at least one child, compared to 17 percent of white fathers.

Experts say there is a terrible sadness for dads not being able to spend time with their kids. Studies show that children do better when both parents share the decision-making process and have equal parenting time. Research clearly shows the benefits of both parent's involvement, and fathers are pushing policymakers to remove roadblocks that are preventing them from being the dads they wish to be.

Statistics have proven that kids who have involved dads show fewer mental health and behavioral problems and have higher cognitive scores in later years. Under current laws, the court system negatively affects children when one parent wins custody and the other is allowed only minimum visitation. Families in California who are facing challenges during child custody hearings may contact an attorney. A lawyer can address concerns and determine what is in the best interest of a client's child.

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