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February 2018 Archives

Tax changes may wreck havoc with alimony payments

For the past 75 years, spousal support payments have been a tax deduction for the payer. Now, because of a new tax code, alimony can no longer be deducted, and taxes will not need to be paid by the recipient. California and other states set their own rules about how much alimony is paid and when payments should end. Across the country, there is no consistency regarding alimony.

Ensure alimony payments with a life insurance policy

During a divorce, the last thing people think about is insuring the person whom they ousted from their life. In certain situations, it makes good financial sense to insure the other party. With alimony payments, courts may order spouses who pay to have life insurance policies naming the ex-spouse as the beneficiary. California and other states require the person's consent to be named on a policy.

Child custody versus addiction in California

Babies are born every day all over the world, but more and more are born to addicted parents and addicted to drugs themselves. If a mother tests positive for drugs and the father admits to occasional marijuana use and daily alcohol consumption, should they be allowed to continue parenting? In California and other states, child welfare officials are handling child custody matters such as this by allowing children to remain at home.

Children are often caught up in addiction and child custody

An estimated 8.7 million children ages 17 and younger live in a household where at least one parent suffers from alcohol or substance abuse. Reports show that most of these children do not have contact with child welfare services. In California and other states, most children will continue to live with addicted parents for the bulk of their childhood. Sometimes, child custody may be renounced if relatives step in and offer to take care of them.

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