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Fair distribution of art collections in a high asset divorce

When a couple divorces, the separation of marital property can be challenging, especially when it consists of an art collection worth millions of dollars. In California and other states, if parties cannot agree to distribute property amicably and equally, then it may be up to an appraiser to decide it's worth. Some claim the only way to determine the exact value of priceless artwork during a high asset divorce is to sell it.

How mediation can make your divorce smoother

Divorce is not an occasion many people associate with cooperation and negotiation. There are a plethora of pop culture examples of divorcing couples fighting and escalating disagreements. Regardless, approaching proceedings from this perspective is not only possible, but it can be beneficial for both parties.

Important tax moves to make about alimony during a divorce

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Just as stressful is the financial impact and the changes to one's tax structure. Experts recommend early preparation for adapting to those changes. In California and other states, payments for alimony and child support should be structured in a tax-savvy way.

Practices for effective parenting re child custody

It can be a struggle for anyone, after a relationship has ended, to have an amicable parenting relationship with an ex-partner. Some families in California are not only making adjustments to parenting agreements and schedules, but to their attitudes as well. While child custody issues can be challenging, successful co-parenting is possible.

Marvin claims in California law

If you know the phrase “Marvin claim,” you probably know the name comes from the palimony breakup of actor Lee Marvin (The Dirty Dozen) and long-term girlfriend Michelle Triola.

Grandparents step up to the plate in child custody cases

Thousands of grandparents are stepping up to the plate each year to assume full-time parenting roles. Sources say drug addiction and alcohol dependence are the main reasons that children are being placed with grandparents. In California, courts are awarding guardianship to more and more extended family members in child custody cases.

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